The firm provides all the major Company Law Services. The various Corporate Law & Secretarial Services include:

1-Incorporation of Companies- Public/Private Companies, Section 8 Companies, Nidhi Company, Producer Company, One Person Company (OPC), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Registration of Wholly Owned Subsidiary/ Subsidiary of Foreign Companies, Registration of Liaison Offices, Branch Offices and Project Offices of Foreign Companies.

2-Annual Filing of E-forms with MCAIn normal and XBRL mode &Certification of Annual Return

3-Conversion of Companies

4-Allotment of Securities- Allotment of shares (Equity/Preference) on Right Issue and Private Placement basis, Increase in Authorized Share Capital etc

5-Alteration of MOA & AOA - Change of Name, Change of Object, Change of capital, Adoption of new set of Articles and Memorandum

6-Shifting of Registered Office - Within same State, From One State to another

7- Compliance related to charge - Registration of Charges, Satisfaction of charges, Condonation of delay for creation/satisfaction of charges, Compilation of status/search reports for companies, banks and financial institution.

8-Change in composition of Board- For Key Managerial Personnel (KMP) and other directors, Appointment & Resignation, Change in designation, Change in other details

9-Filing of Petition before various Authorities: Company Law Board (CLB), Regional Director (RD) or Central Government, Appearing as Authorised Representative before the Company Law Board (CLB), Regional Director (RD), Registrar of Companies (ROC) and Central Government.

10-Compounding of Offences under Companies Act- Preparation of compounding application, Appear as Authorized Representative,Obtain order of compounding, Filing of copy of Order

11-Drafting of Resolutions for various purposes- Bank account opening, Authorize person to deal with various authorities, Increase in borrowing limits of the company, Related party transactions, Authorize Board for various purposes under Companies Act and Any other event based General or Board Meeting resolution

12-Statutory Registers and Minutes Book -Preparation of Statutory Registers under Companies Act, Preparation and maintenance secretarial records, statutory books (minute books) and registers

13-Compliances related to Listed Companies-Issuance of Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Certificate for Listed Companies, Quarterly, half yearly and yearly compliances, Routine based filing with Stock Exchanges;

14-Closure of Companies- FTE (Fast Track Exit) Mode, Voluntary Winding up

15-Other Secretarial ServicesTransfer of Shares, Preparation of MOA and AOA as per Companies Act, 2013, Drafting and vetting of Legal and Commercial Contracts, Agreements, Undertakings, declarations and all documents on any subject, Certification of annual filing and event based e-forms,Obtaining Director Identification Number (DIN) and Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

16-Secretarial Audit- The Firm has network with Practicing Company Secretaries who provide Secretarial Audit & Company Secretarial Certification Services.

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Our company law serices include incorporation, Filing annual company returns, alteration of articles & memoranum, change of registered office of company, appointment of directors, sebi compliances and other services.