Every Business needs funds and most of the times every business needs borrowings to support its goal & objective. Banks always need your idea to be produced in writing to consider and sanction the loan.

Project Report is a vital step in your loan proposal sanction process. Project Report is an idea-concept or a plan that is intended to be carried out.

A project report for a new or expanding business, conducts a profound road map for effectual business venture. It discusses whether the business requires finance or not and how much exactly, the challenging risks, several problems en route, etc.Hence it becomes vital for every new or expanding business to prepare a Project Report, to acquaint them on forewarning issues.

Project Report comprises of: Details of Business, KYC Details of Proprietor / Directors / Partners, Introduction to Business Idea, Business Scenario in World, India, State Level and Local Level, Brief detail about the Company / Firm / Entity, Brief detail about Proprietor / Directors / Partners, Product Profile, Raw Material Management, Manufacturing / Operating Process, Waste Management, Power Supply Management and Water Supply Facilities, Human Resources Management, Credit Polices, Marketing Strategy, Future Plans, SWOT Analysis, Credit Monitoring Assessment (CMA), Financial Ratio Analysis

CMA Data means Credit Monitoring Assessment Data. CMA data is must for each and every Business loan which includes Term Loan, Cash Credit, Bank Guarantee, Letter of Credit and Agricultural Loans, etc. for Feasibility Analysis and Credit Rating Analysis of the proposal.

CMA data comprises of following Financial Statements: Project Cost,Historic and Projected - Profit and Loss Account,Historic and Projected - Balance Sheet Statement,Historic and Projected - Fund Flow Statement

Historic and Projected - Cash Flow Statement,Working Capital Analysis,Maximum Permissible Bank Finance Analysis (MPBF) (Nayak Committee and Tandon Committee),Current Assets and Current Liability Analysis

Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR),Repayment Schedule,Depreciation Schedule,Break-even (BEP) Analysis,Sensitivity Analysis,Financial Ratio Analysis

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