Audit is about much more than just the numbers. Its about attesting to accomplishments and challenges, and helping to assure strong foundations for future aspirations.

The business environment today, requires a skill set that enables the companies to operate across cultures within India and abroad. Organisations need to make various changes in their business structures as well as in the accuracy of the information gathered by them as they move from the Industrial Age towards a more Knowledge Age. The criticality and the relevance of information gathered by the organization is impacted not only by its content, but also by the timeliness and efficiency with which it is used. Thus making it imperative for the audit and assurance model to keep pace with it.

Our Audit services extend beyond the conventional/traditional financial reporting function. We take time to understand your business, its needs and blend this with the sectors in which you operate. Seamless integration of business facts with experience allows us to identify major risks and opportunities that may distinguish between roaring success and complete disaster.

Our Core Audit Services include

Statutory Audit

Businesses are mandatorily required to get Financial Statements & Books of Accounts Audited as per various Indian Statutes.However an annual audit event is more than a control procedure or a statutory obligation. It is also an opportunity to provide you with updated insight into your business and insight that could identify potential threats or opportunities that can factor into your plans. We make thoughtful recommendations allowing you to better manage your business. Our Statutory Audit areas include:

  • Statutory audit of general purpose financial statements under local laws
  • Companies Act
  • Limited Liability Partnership Act
  • Limited Review under SEBI Regulation
  • Tax Audit under Income Tax Act
  • Transfer Pricing Audit under the Income Tax Act
  • Tax Audit as per GST Act
  • Financial Statements compliant with IFRS / Ind AS
  • Statutory Audit of Bank Branches

Management Audit

The rapid change in the business environment is fuelled by political, economic, social, cultural and technological changes.The Statutory Changes, Tax Changes have all lead to drastic changes in business structure, accounting and business process flow.Managements, of start-ups and mature organizations, need to recognize, adapt and change. Our Management Audit Services include:

  • Internal Audit
  • Internal Financial Controls
  • Process Review
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Risk Assessment
  • Concurrent, Revenue, Stock & Book Debt Audit of Bank Branches

Special Purpose Services

Market conditions are constantly changing and this in turn on various occasions restricts an organizations ability to conduct business efficiently and effectively. Organizations change their Corporate Structures , Take Over other Business Entities , Merge and use several other Structuring and methods to Grow & Compete with the ever increasing Competition. Our Audit Services include:

  • Accounting & Financial due diligence
  • Compliance Audit
  • Investigation Services
  • Fraud Risk Assessment
  • Supervision & support Services
  • Operations Audit
  • Forensic Audit
  • Certification
  • Other Customized Services
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We provide consistent Chartered Accountant Audit Services by assembling the right multi-disciplinary skilled team to address the most complex issues, the necessary auditing tools and perspectives. We understand that not all clients are same and to achieve your potential, you need a tailored service as much as a consistent methodology.All our audits begin with a full assessment and understanding of the client's business and operations.